Taurus Island is the third zodiac island you encounter along your quest to put an end to Otho's unjust reign. On it, there is a total of 10 Mogas to capture, 27 stars to earn, and 9 quests to complete. Taurus Island is supposedly Otho's prison island to which he sends criminals deemed worthy of suffering. The ocean surrounds the island, making it an area having very litle fresh water to drink and unfit for human survival. In addition, a human-eating Minotaur dominates the island. As a result, there are almost no human inhabitants. Hungry Bill and yourself are the only humans on the island. In the middle of Taurus Island lies an old cherry tree that appears to be the only sign of thriving beauty and life.



Area Energy Description
Labyrinth's Gate 15 The entrance to Taurus Island has no good place to tie up a boat or get a bite to eat. It shows little sign of human inhabitance.
Scoundrel's Retreat 25 Beneath the foreboding cliffs is a small, wet cave where medium-sized creatures might be able to hide.
Jigsaw Field 15 Whether these rectangular structures were made by nature or some powerful civilization of the past remains a mystery.
Barren Inlet 15 One of the few sources of fresh water on Taurus Island, the inlet is a good place to hunt and be hunted.
Bull's Lighthouse 15 The unwavering flame atop this tower speaks to the power of hope eternal, or perhaps a natural gas reserve beneath the surface.
Plateau Verde 15 Though beautiful, the plateau is always eerily silent, as if it is being watched by some cruel caretaker.
Ancient Cherry Tree 15 This tree has a mystical connection to the ruler of Taurus Island, maybe because it is so very pretty.
Horned Peak 15 These heights are seldom traveled by humans, unless they are skeletons and birds are using the bones in their nest.
Minotaur's Lair 30 A dank pit of beastly smells and the remains of victims, the Minotaur's Lair is a poorly decorated place indeed!


Catchable MogasEdit

Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Labyrinth's Gate Barnetta --- ---
Scoundrel's Retreat Willo --- ---
Jigsaw Field Muninn --- ---
Barren Inlet Weeplet --- ---
Bull's Lighthouse Woolf* Boogaleaf ---
Plateau Verde Willo Munyu ---
Ancient Cherry Tree Rumbeard Tauron ---
Horned Peak Munyu --- ---
Minotaur's Lair Rumbeard Tauron Minotaur*


Title Rewards Area Type Client
Beetle Juice Starseed x2 Jigsaw Field Moga Battle Hungry Bill
Find the Minotaur Starseed x2 Plateau Verde Moga Battle Hungry Bill
Like Water for Bill Starseed x3 Barren Inlet Moga Battle Hungry Bill
Quest 4 Starseed x3 Scoundrel's Retreat Moga Battle Hungry Bill
Cherry Tree Showdown Starseed x2 Ancient Cherry Tree Tamer Battle Minotaur
Natural Splendor Starseed x1 Ancient Cherry Tree Moga Battle Real Rick
Master of Taurus Starseed x3 --- Mastery Minotaur
Boss Fight: Taurus Starseed x3 Minotaur's Lair Tamer Battle Minotaur
Capture Minotaur Blue Coffee x2 Minotaur's Lair Capture Minotaur


Name Quests
Hungry Bill

Beetle Juice

Find the Minotaur

Like Water for Bill

Quest 4


Cherry Tree Showdown

Master of Taurus

Boss Fight: Taurus

Capture Minotaur

Real Rick Natural Splendor