Tricky DaveyEdit


Info: How about you go stick your head in the hole up at Squishy Lagoon.

Rewards: Starseed x2


Davey: Hi. I'm Davey.

Go away.

Player: I've talked to fish people before. I know you're just acting dumb so you can trick me.

Davey: No, I'm actually really dumb.

Player: I'm not buying it.

Davey: No, I'm super dumb.

How about you go stick your head in the hole up at Squishy Lagoon and then tell me how dumb I'm not.

Player: ...


[complete quest]

Player: Yep, there were a bunch of Mogas in there. Just like I predicted.

Davey: Yeah, but I'm still really dumb. And I still really want you to go away.

Another Hole for DaveyEdit


Info: Go check out the hole at Hopfrog Lake. It's a can't-miss!

Rewards: Starseed x2


Player: I'm not going to make any trouble for you, I just need to get across your island.

Davey: While you're at it, you mind sticking your head in a few more holes for me?

Player: Let's cut out the tricks. Just tell me where you want me to fight.

Davey: It's not a trick. I'm genuinely very interested in holes and their contents, and I'm asking for your help. Get a grip.

[complete quest]

Davey: Don't even say that was a trick. That was an objectively great hole.

You should be thanking me.

Master of ScorpioEdit


Info: Get 24 stars and you can be the master...of something?

Rewards: Starseed x3


Davey: I've heard that if you eat twenty-four sandwiches you can become a sandwich master. You might want to try it.

Player: Do you mean that if I get twenty-four stars on this island I can be Master of Scorpio?

Davey: Uh, yeah.

[complete quest]

Davey: You did it! You ate all the sandwiches!

Slug WeekEdit


Info: Beat four Nomys at Tadpole's Delight and you can enjoy the bounty of Slug Week.

Rewards: Blue Coffee x2


Davey: This week is Slug Week, the week when I smash a bunch of slugs for fun.

I'd really like it if you joined me.

Player: Thanks for the invitation, but I should keep moving.

Davey: But Slug Week is week best enjoyed with friends! How about I give you some Starseeds? Beat four Nomys at Tadpole's Delight and they're yours.

[complete quest]

Davey: Ah, the smell of slugjuice wafting on a salty sea breeze makes me shiver in my scales. Thanks, tamer!

Boss Fight: Scorpio IslandEdit


Info: Go beat the killer kangaroo at Deadman's Falls. Or not, it isn't really my business.

Rewards: Starseed x3


Davey: So I'm supposed to try to get you killed. That's what King Otho said to do.

Player: I knew it! I told you I'd see through your tricks.

Davey: Yeah, well, like I told you before, I'm not real smart. So, here it is: there's a killer kangaroo up ahead. Go fight it.

Player: Killer kangaroo--is that slang for something? I don't get it.

Davey: No, you're probably thinking of a stinky possum. The killer kangaroo is just a really dangerous Moga.

Player: Thanks, I appreciate the heads up.

Davey: It's probably the wrong thing for me to do, but whatever.

[complete quest]

Davey: Oh, no, you did it. King Otho is going to be so angry at me.

Player: You didn't even try very hard to mislead me.

Davey: Yeah, I guess Otho kind of took me for granted. Like I would just keep helping him because it was a dumb thing to do.

No more! From this day forward, I will continue to do dumb things, whether or not they help Otho!

Player: I'm glad I

Capture BoomerEdit


Info: You can capture Boomer at Insect Riviera.

Rewards: Starseed x2


Davey: Now you can tame one of Scorpio Island's most delicious sandwiches: the Boomer.

Player: Boomer is a Moga. I can tame a Moga, not a sandwich. It's the killer kangaroo you warned me about earlier.

Davey: Killer kangaroo? That's fish people slang for delicious sandwich--one that can only be found at Insect Riviera.

[complete quest]

Davey: That's not a sandwich! But good job anyway.