Your parents are the first NPCs you meet. They will give you a few quests, and the first one is defeating a tabby. Then, they will ask you to catch a moga named Lobo. More information needed

Quests givenEdit

beat tabbyEdit

defeat tabby at the family farm.Edit

Capture LoboEdit

Reward: Blue Coffee x 1

Defend the Farmers!Edit

There's a gang of Mogas at Corksrew Gulch. Use Blue Coffee if a moga gets tired during the fight. Rewards: Star Seed x 1

​Capture LeviathanEdit

Help the farmers and complete your team by capturing Leviathan at Pioneer Ridge. Reward: Star Seed x2

​Capture MonkeykingEdit

Everyone needs a Monkeyking-- catch yours at Woodland Path. Reward : Star Seed x 2

Clear the RoadEdit

Two Mogas are blocking the road at Poughkeepsie Pass. Rewards : Star Seed x 1

Visit the OutpostEdit

Keep your head up--the Mogas in Upper Cascades are a really rascally bunch. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Master of the MainlandEdit

If you can get all 24 stars here on the Mainland, you could become a Master of the Mainland and tame an awesome Moga. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 1

Flee to Aries IslandEdit

Go to Aries Island to meet a Moga taming guru. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Capture GinEdit

Now you can capture Gin at Poet's Vale. You're the apple of our eyes. Rewards: Star Seed x 5


  • Now we know you can win a fight, but you're going to need a bigger team.
  • Theres a Moga named Lobo that's been harassing our horses. How about you try to catch it?
  • That was amazing! King Otho will be glad to have you in his army. And maybe you can get them to help the farmers a little more.
  • So, how'd it go? I bet they made you a captain already.
  • Oh well, you tried your best. Maybe if you keep working at it you can join next year.
  • Oh no! Tell you what-- we'll help you steal a boat so you can head over to Aries Island. People say there's a moga guru there who lives outside of the law.
  • Nah. Otho is a terrible king. We were just pretending to like him for your sake. Come on, it's time to head to Aries Island!