Kaomochi is an Aquarius-type Moga that can be caught on Cancer Island.

Biology Edit

Kaomochi's body is comprised of three stacked mochi (Japanese: 餅) that have been molded into oblong spheres. The green mochi on top is wrapped in a leaf with a moon symbol on top and decorated with small, yellow stars. The purple mochi in middle has a large bite taken out of its right side and is also decorated with yellow stars. The yellow mochi on the bottom is decorated with small, white, stars on its top. Each mochi wears a different facial expression.

Trivia Edit

Name Origin Edit

The name "Kaomochi" is a combination of the words kaomoji (Japanese: 顔文字) a style of emoticons expressed by Japanese characters, and mochi (Japanese: 餅), a Japanese rice cake made from mochigome.