Drakos is a Taurus Moga and one of the five Legendary Moga that can be found in the game. It can be captured at the Lodge of the Fang, the last area on Ophiuchus, after earning all thirty stars on the island.

Morphology Edit

Drakos is a large Moga with the body of a fierce dragon that lacks wings. There are two red and yellow curved structures that resemble wings on both sides of its chest. Sharp spikes protrude from its tail, backside, head, and mouth. Drakos has four limbs, each one with having thick claws. It has armor-like scales on its neck and an ornate pattern of gold swirls on its body and legs.

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Name Origin Edit

The name "Drakos" is based on the Ancient Greek word  δράκων (drákōn, “serpent, dragon”), from which the Latin word draco and the English word dragon are derived. Draco is also a genus of gliding reptiles.[1]

References Edit

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