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Energy  Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Emerald Shores 15 Kaomochi N/A N/A
Covington Bluffs 15 Electrotter N/A N/A
Isolation Isle 15 Crabone N/A N/A
Albus Ruinea 15 Kaomochi Anee N/A
Nood Dunes 15 Ikki Electrotter Orbz*
Serpent's Backbone 15 Crabone Cathulu N/A
Shady Camp 15 Albion Electrotter N/A
Hidden Reefbreak 15 Cathulu N/A N/A
Crab Dungeon 30 Messi Ikki N/A


Title Rewards Area Type Client
Welcoming Party Starseed x1 Isolation Isle Moga Battle Robson
Something's Fishy Starseed x2 Serpent's Backbone Moga Battle Robson
Master of Cancer Starseed x3 N/A Mastery Robson
Boss Fight: Cancer Island Starseed x3 Crab Dungeon Moga Battle Robson
Rites of Robson Starseed x2 Albus Ruinea Repetitive Battle Robson
Probus's Challenge Starseed x1 Hidden Reefbreak Tamer Battle Probus
A Hairy Situation Starseed x2 Covington Bluffs Repetitive Battle Probus
Capture Orbz Blue Coffee x2 Nood Dunes Capture Robson