Aries Island is the second island of the Zodiac Archipelago. After escaping from the Mainland, you find yourself on the first of the Zodiac Islands, Aries Island. You soon met a mysterious hooded guy who tasks you to bring him a pebble. After bringing him even more pebbles, he reveals himself as Broomstar, a crazy hermit who loves eating pebbles. He leaves as soon as you meet The Real Rick, who's the rumored Moga guru your parents were talking about. He tests your skill by making you capture a Devgorilla, and satisfied by your success, he takes you under his wing.


Area Energy Description
Ram’s Landing 15 The starting point for all Moga tamers exploring Aries Island.
Ruined Temple 15 Once a site for devotees of the ram, the Ruined Temple is now infested with wild Mogas. A good place to get rocks, though!
Fiery Pines 15 These flame-like trees get their color from the fiery element of Aries and all the orange dye that some crazy guy poured in the ground.
Rolling Foothills 15 An icy ridge looms above the Rolling Foothills. Only the bravest explorers with the thickest coats can survive its brisk climate.
Thieves' Hideaway 15 Once an outpost for Otho's army, this abandoned compound is rumored to be inhabited by dangerous guys with bad breath.
Outer Horn 25 The Outer Horn is a great place for hiking as long as you don't mind getting mauled by wild beasts.
Little Pointy 25 Few humans venture to the extremity called Little Pointy, giving it a unique selection of wild Mogas.
Dirt Palace 15 The Dirt Palace was a prosperous farm until people realized they could get dirt for free.
Tip of the Horn 30 The Tip of the Horn is a notorious hot spot for dangerous Mogas and the gateway to Taurus Island.


Catchable MogasEdit

Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Ram's Landing Vuvu --- ---
Ruined Temple Wasabee --- ---
Fiery Pines Crabao --- ---
Rolling Foothills Nar --- ---
Thieves' Hideaway Edgar --- ---
Outer Horn Edgar --- ---
Little Pointy Edgar --- ---
Dirt Palace* --- --- ---
Tip of the Horn Edgar Alejandro ---

*Anubis and Cactoo are present but uncatchable.